New Reality Show: Church Makeover

I did not write this but found it on a friends Facebook page and can’t stop thinking about how true this is. I would love to host a show like that. I think people would watch and I think it would do so much good. Enough of my thoughts, listen to this guy and then add your own.


Maybe many churches need a Gordon Ramsey.

I could do that.

Here’s the premise of the show. I think it’s much like Ramsey’s other shows (which, quite honestly, I’ve never watched all the way through)… tell people how horrible they’re doing things, hoping that they take your obnoxious warnings and finally get it right.

Ramsey is rude, obnoxious, and toxic.

I could do that.

In “Hotel Hell”, Ramsey goes into a failing hotel and makes it better. He gives an outside look at what’s absolutely holding the place back (horrible linens, terrible management, awful food) and turns everything around (in less than one hour, no less).

And there’s a lot of swearing and obnoxicity thrown in, in typical Gordon Ramsey style.

(Hey, I can be as obnoxious as the next guy. Just ask my wife).

But seriously… many churches need some tough love.

Many churches are in the same state as the hotel on Hotel Hell last night. They need to change things or they will close.

Many churches need to be told how ultimately lousy they are. Before it’s too late.

It’s either take a hard, long dose of reality or face a very slow and agonizing death.

Some pastors need to be looked at square in the eye and told “You’re the problem; you’re the thing that is holding this church back”. Some deacon, elder, and governing boards need to hear the same.

“Why are you still doing this? Stop it!”

“You’re spending your money on WHAT?”

I know there are some great people (some are my friends) who do the secret shopper kind of thing for churches. And I think that’s extremely helpful.

But I would almost bet that there is a market for a harsher, cut to the quick, tell us what we need to change in no uncertain terms, visit that just laid things out honestly and brashly.

Think Gordon Ramsey with a Bible. No mincing of words. No sugar coating. Just straight talk.

The problem is… no pastor or church would have the guts (or chuck out the money) for such a service.


NOTE: They will, however, pay consultants thousands of dollars for hours upon hours of work, to tell them what they want to hear (or what they don’t want to hear, only said very, very nicely). — Todd Rhoades